Welcome to Tammerfest!

Welcome to Tammerfest! Tammerfest festival takes place from 20th to 23th of July 2016. Tammerfest is a music festival located near the city center of Tampere. The main festival area is in The Ratinanniemi Festival Park and we have lots of different Tammerfest clubs around Tampere.

Enjoy Tammerfest!


www.tiketti.fi OR www.lippupiste.fi


You can buy tickets to Tammerfest in advance from TIKETTI or LIPPUPISTE


WEDNESDAY 20th of July: individual tickets from 37,50 €, group tickets from 118,00 € (max. 4 person, one of the group must be at least 18-years old.)

THURSDAY 21st of July from 58,00 €

FRIDAY 22nd of July from 58,00 €

SATURDAY 23rd of July from 58,00 €

THREE DAY TICKET (Thursday, Friday and Saturday) from 118,00 €

VIP Tickets to Tammerfest

VIP THURSDAY 21st of July from 118,00 €

VIP FRIDAY 22nd of July from 118,00 €

VIP SATURDAY 23rd of July from 118,00 €

Tammerfest VIP ticket includes:

- VIP pass and wristband
- VIP food. Food is served from 5 to 10 pm
- Entry to the festival area trough VIP entrance
- Entry to the VIP area, which is located right next to the stage.
- Services in the VIP area: VIP pavilion, bar and VIP bathrooms.
- In the VIP area you have a possibility to enjoy of our drink
services at an additional cost.
- Age limit to the VIP area is 18.

All tickets will be changed to wristbands at the gate.



WEDNESDAY 20th of July: Tammerfest Extra 2016

16.30 TuBailut
17.00 Mikael Gabriel
18.05 TuBailut
18.30 Kasmir
19.35 TuBailut
20.00 Robin

THURSDAY 21th of July:

15.45 SANNI
17.15 Viikate
18.45 Kaija Koo
20.30 Apulanta
22.15 Cheek

FRIDAY 22 th of July:

14.15 JVG
15.45 Ismo Alanko
17.15 Anna Abreu
20.30 Juha Tapio
22.15 Hurts (UK)

SATURDAY 23 th of July:

13.00 Vesala
14.30 Elastinen
16.00 Chisu
17.30 Antti Tuisku
19.00 Klamydia
20.30 The Sounds (SWE)
22.15 Popeda





You can find more information about accommodation in Tampere http://visittampere.fi/eat-sleep.

Special Tammerfest price to Omena hotel in Tampere:

1-2 person room: 79,00€

3-4 person room: 99,00€

Use this discount code to get the special price: TAMMERFEST2016



The Festival is held in the city of Tampere. Tampere is located in the southern Finland. You can travel to Tampere by train, by bus or by plane. Festival area is in a walking distance from the train station and the bus station. You can easily travel around Tampere by walking.

By train
The train station is located 15-20 minutes walking distance from the festival area. We recommend booking your tickets in advance. You can check for the timetables and buy your tickets from the Finnish railway company VR's website HERE.

By bus
The bus station is located 5-10 minutes walking distance from the festival area.
Timetables and ticket prices for the Finnish bus company Matkahuolto can be found HERE.

By plane
Tampere airport is located 17 kilometers from the center (flights only from selected cities).
Check flights to Tampere: www.finnair.fi, www.sas.fi

You can take the bus from the airport to the city center. You can check the bus timetables HERE


The festival itself is all ages, children under 2 are free. Children under 12 should entry the festival area with parents. Festival has bar areas which are 18+. Clubs and restaurants have their own age limits.


Follow instructions that the festival organization or the security gives you in case of an emergency. In case of any accidents, there is an emergency group of SPR in the festival area.

If you notice an accident or any other safety problem, please contact the security immediately.

Bringing your own alcohol drinks or any dangerous items in the festival area is absolutely forbidden.

You can bring your own non-alcoholic drinks in maximum 0,5 liter unopened plastic bottle.
You can also bring mobile phones, pocket cameras and ear protectors to the festival area.


SLR cameras (media filming licenses in advance from accreditation)
video cameras
class bottles (no matter what content)
alcohol products
any kind of weapons
tools, knives etc.
thick chains
selfie stick
crowd surfing
flags and banderols


The security makes security check for everyone at the gates before entering to the festival area.


Taija Holm, Propromotion Oy, taija(at)propromotion.fi

The accreditation form has now been closed. We would like to thank you for the requests. Only the agreed applicants will receive the confirmation email with the details until July 8th. For further information, please contact the publicist of the festival Ms. Taija Holm: taija@propromotion.fi

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